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About Derek Sturman Photography:


I am an Astro & Landscape photographer based in Central Utah/Denver Colorado.

I specialize in photographing Landscapes and long exposure "Night-scapes"  typically depicting the Milky Way Galaxy.  My primary focus over the last two years has been on the landscapes of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Colorado.  

I began photographing the Night sky in mid July of 2015.  Partially experimental, I started exposing clusters of stars, and was instantly captivated by the beauty and complexity of the heavens.  Ever since I have been traveling the South West,  Searching for the rare remaining natural dark skies of the region and otherworldly landscapes;  Attempting to capture their natural beauty and inspire others to help protect them. Determined to find earths most intimate moments and remote locations, and capture the unparalleled beauty of the American West.

Many of my images are processed (edited) heavily using programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  I would classify myself as a "Fine Art Landscape Photographer"  what many would call a "Digital Artist".  My images depict the beauty of the american west as I saw them or as they felt.  Some of the images on this site are "Composites" which is a form of artistic expression involving the use of photoshop to merge multiple images taken at different times together.  These images will have "Composite" in their description to help specify.  All of the images and content on this site where created or taken by myself.  In some cases the camera was able to capture a moment quite accurately to how it was felt or seen, these images are left relatively simple in artistic modification.

I currently use the Nikon D810 full frame DSLR to capture my images.  My favorite lens is currently the Tamron 15-30 F/2.8 which I use for most of my images.                   

Prints are available through this site, or  by request.  Please make all requests Via Email to Sturmanphoto@gmail.com All of my work is available for licensing unless otherwise specified.  Please contact me with any questions or to obtain licensing for any of my work: Sturmanphoto@gmail.com.  I will be more than happy to work with you.

Shadow Chasm
Hidden Passage
The Night Watchman
Palace of Lucidity
Silver Light
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