In Darkness


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The classic Delicate arch, milky way self portrait.  This time with just a faint hint of moonlight illuminating the arch as it crests the horizon.

"Our Lives are lived somewhere between Reality and imagination, in a small space known as Perception"           

Nested in the heart of the Western United States, surrounded by some of North America's most notorious National Parks and Icons of the West, It is my focus to capture and create images and scenes that portray the deep and indescribable emotion that is to be experienced at a place, in a moment, or from an occurrence of natural phenomenon. 

Much of my work is weighted deeply in this pursuit, to share the perceptions of my experiences, and in turn, the experience of my perceptions.

Though I dabble in, and enjoy many forms of media, I tend to focus in the area of fine art Landscape & Astro-Landscape Photography. 

My Exposition to, and vision in Photography:

"There are as many centers of the universe as there are consciousnesses.  To make an altercation in the consciousness of another, is to change the universe"  - Carl Jung             

I started experimenting with photography somewhere around the age of 18, however communication by means of media has been a fascination of mine for much of my remembered life.  It appears to me that communication is the odd ability  that we as humans posses to transcend the barrier of isolated consciousnesses.  The ability to transport an idea from the confined mind of one individual to the mind of another or the minds of many.  Particularly interesting to me is the ability to communicate more complex concepts, ideas and perceptions through less conventional methods than language.

Somewhere near the age of 16 I became immensely fascinated in the art of communicating emotions or feelings that are deeply human but for which there are no words.  Media seemed to be the means of communication that filled this gap.  I was fortunate enough to have a  shallow understanding (or at least have been taught)  at a young age, that perception almost completely determines reality for individuals in their lives.  My challenge came in the form of communicating my perspectives with others, hoping to altercate their world by shifting their perspectives even slightly.                       

 Introductorily my experience with  this type of communication came by the medium of Cinema or Cinema-photography.  Fortunate for me it came a time at which the tools that would be used to create these forms of communication where readily available to almost anyone who would dare to pick them up. 


Immediately fascinated by the opportunity that the ability to communicate this way provided, I began a long journey in experimental forms of media.  From varying areas of Graphic Design to Cinema, I experienced a very freeing means of communication.  Much like learning a new language that would allow me to communicate the many ideas and perceptions that previously lacked any words to describe them. 

This ability to create brought an unparalleled freedom of communication and expression that I found myself completely obsessed with.  

As comes with the learning of any new language, comes the challenge of using it effectively to communicate your message.  The challenge of converting ideas into the properly structured words or sentences along the guidelines set by that language.  In the case of media this comes by the learning and practice of the proper tools. 

All forms of human communication are converted at some stage into a set format, along certain guidelines, then to be perceived by another person and converted back to its original state (as an idea).  This conversion process is often the technical struggle many artists face.  The challenge comes in ensuring that it is translated or converted effectively enough that the receiver ends up with the intended or original idea or perception. 

In my images I use various techniques to try and communicate my ideas, perceptions, and experiences that go beyond the cameras native abilities.  These techniques usually come in the form of post processing color or tonality. 

Discovering how to best do this for each image is a journey, and it takes practice to perfect my proficiency in this conversion process.More over I have found that this process, or the challenge of it, is perhaps the thing that truly draws me to photography now.  The challenge and endless pursuit of a more accurate and deep embodiment of an experience through images. I am always, searching, for the next vessel of emotion captured in an image.                                 


Equipment & Processing

I currently use the Nikon D850 & Tamron 15-30.  I've found this pair to be very effective, and it seems to deliver the quality and sharpness I seek in my images.

I also carry the Nikkor 70-300 VR in my bag for more intimate images.

Shadow Chasm
In Darkness
Lunar Illumination

Prints are available through this site, or  by request.  Please make all requests Via Email to 

All of my work is available for licensing unless otherwise specified.  Please contact me with any questions or to obtain licensing for any of my work:  I will be more than happy to work with you.

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