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Throne of Night



I am a Photographer & Digital Artist from central Utah. 

I specialize in photographing digital Fine Art Landscapes and Astro-Landscapes, and processing them in unique, artistic or aesthetically & emotionally satisfying ways.  

I began photographing the Night sky in mid July of 2015, marking the beginning of my journey in landscape photography.   Since then I have been photographing landscapes all over the American west. 

My images are captured using a Nikon D850 Digital SLR camera, and processed using Various programs including Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  Many would consider me a digital artist, as many of my images have artistic interpretations and adjustments made to them.  I've found photography to be a constant quest to replicate the emotion or feeling of a moment or place using only visual stimulation.  For this reason many images are modified above the cameras capability to capture, to better express the moment experienced in each. 

All of the images displayed here are my personal work, and I offer various forms of instruction on how I capture and create them.



Equipment & Processing

I currently use the Nikon D850 & Tamron 15-30.  I've found this pair to be very effective, and it seems to deliver the quality and sharpness I seek in my images.

I also carry the Nikkor 70-300 VR in my bag for more intimate images.

I would consider myself a devoted customer of the brands and companies I trust personally  & have a long standing reputation in the photographic world.  In 90% of real world scenarios I have found that the equipment used is only as relevant as it's limitations on the artists ability to create they intend to.  For this reason I believe that the equipment used is not as relevant as artistic vision of the artist, however I have come to prefer certain tools in creating my own images.

In the classic battle of the professional photography world of Nikon vs Canon, I would not consider myself opposed to either brand.  When I started in landscape photography I was using a Canon crop sensor (canon t5i) and can still attest to the quality and functionally of that camera.  I came from a Canon dominant background in video, and using a canon just seemed like the ethical choice.

Later in my journey with landscape photography I was introduced to the benefits of the current line of Nikon's full frame cameras. Specifically the most recent model at the time,  the D810 by a close friend and fellow landscape photographer.  It was Nikons superiority in wide angle lens options for low light astrophotography and the capabilities of the D810 and D810A. 

In most of my photography I prefer to use wide angle lenses to capture the scene in its entirety.  This is a personal preference, however the use of a wide angle lens is also common place in astro photography to avoid star "trailing".  Because many of my images would be captured in nothing but star light I relied on a good wide angle lens that was void of coma, eliminating the otherwise fantastic Canon 16-35mm. 

finding a good wide angle lens that met my criteria would mean a lens that stops wide to F/2.8 and allows me to shoot as wide as possible between the 14-30mm range.   In the world of landscape and astro landscape photography the Nikkor 14-24mm has been the undisputed king for many years... my only concern was a very picky artistic preference... I didn't like the sunstars it produced due to its aperture blade design.  This led me to discover the Tamron 15-30 for nikon F.  All the reviews I could find of this lens suggested it was comparable to  the 14-24 in sharpness, chromatic aberration and over all quality.  The ability to extend to 30mm also caught my attention, and I have been happy with my decision ever since.

I've dropped the Tamron multiple times from varying heights and had my tripod tip from full height, on surfaces from rock to pavement and the lens still functions as new despite a few scratches on the exterior of the barrel and dings in the lens hood.  


Shadow Chasm
Lunar Illumination

Prints are available through this site, or  by request.  Please make all requests Via Email to Sturmanphoto@gmail.com 

All of my work is available for licensing unless otherwise specified.  Please contact me with any questions or to obtain licensing for any of my work: Sturmanphoto@gmail.com.  I will be more than happy to work with you.

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