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Located in the Western United States, Landscapes and dramatic moments are my Passion.

I began photographing landscapes in July of 2015 when I started experimenting with long exposure while camping after picking up a DSLR camera originally for video. 

Though the majority of my work is centered on a passion for fine art landscape photography I have worked in several photographic fields including real estate and various product imaging. 

Some of the companies with whom I have partnered with or produced content for include:

Google, Amazon, Tamron, Foolography and Lume Cube. 

I'm proud to represent and recommend tools and brands that I trust and would recommend to close friends.

#WithmyTamron #TeamPixel

The outdoors are a passion of mine deeply rooted in my nature, and bringing the innovations and offerings of brands to my audiences that will improve their experience is a passion of mine, if you would like to collaborate feel free to send an email to


Providing Photographic educational resources is a large part of what I work to offer.  From the basics to advanced post processing techniques.  I offer public and private photographic workshops along with online tutorials.  

you can find my Educational ARTICLES HERE

I also run a public YOUTUBE which I try to update with helpful information, which can be found HERE

You can visit my tutorial store to find paid Tutorials HERE

You can find my workshops or request a private workshop HERE


Prints and Licensing 

Prints are available through this site through bay photo, custom prints can also be ordered my directly contacting me, instagram and email are easiest for me to keep up on.       

All of my work is available for licensing unless otherwise specified.  Please contact me with any questions or to obtain licensing for any of my work:  I will be more than happy to work with you.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

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