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Various prints can be ordered directly through this site.

Click on any image from the Gallery page to open it's light box, and hover to the bottom right corner where a tab should appear with the option to "Buy Photo's"  You can opt to buy other photos from that gallery or click "This image".  There is also a "Buy Photos" button located at the top right of each gallery.

**Prints ordered through this site are handled by BayPhoto, a well known company based in California that is widely trusted by professional photographers. **  

** All of my Images are prepared on a screen calibrated for Print in sRGB for most accurate results in color and contrast. 

This means images will typically appear slightly higher in contrast and color saturation on print than they do on uncalibrated screens.  To achieve this look on your screen try turning your screen brightness down slightly, or viewing the image on my instagram (I adjust all images for instagram so they look the same on uncalibrated screens as they would on print)**

Popular print images:  (Click on any image above to open it's light box and view the print options available on this site)

Edition Canvas:

I also have a line of Canvas prints I sell directly at festivals and art exhibitions.  These canvas prints are ordered from CGPRO prints (my personal favorite print shop) and are cheaper at cost than the ones available through my site.  These canvas prints can be ordered by contacting me directly via email, and can wither be digitally signed (printed with the signature) and shipped directly to you, or shipped to me to be signed by hand and numbered  to be shipped to you.  Below is a price chart for my line of canvas prints (notice that some images have different dimensions and may not fit one of the standard sizes listed, in this case I will work with you to create to best crop).                 

Custom Prints:

This is the best option because it will allow us to find the exact size and ratio that fits the image you would like best.  We will also be able to analyze all the available options for the best deal and highest quality print surfaces.  

Custom prints including: Framed metals, Framed Canvases, and abnormal crops, sizes and materials can be ordered by contacting me directly by email:

I will do my best to work with you to ensure the maximum print quality throughout the process.  If you are interested in a custom print, email me for an estimate.  I will be more than happy to work with you. 

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