Processing Workshop - Derek Sturman

Nightscaper Conference Post Processing Workshop

The classic Delicate arch, milky way self portrait.  This time with just a faint hint of moonlight illuminating the arch as it crests the horizon.

Thursday May 21, 7:30 - 9:30pm


Classroom Maximum Capacity: 20 Participants 

During this exclusive Post processing workshop hosted at the event center in our private classroom, available only to those already attending the conference, I will show you in person step by step the essential techniques and tools I use to create my milky way images. 

Distinct and new techniques I have acquired over the years have helped me develop a style in night image post processing.. It is my pleasure to show you some of the most useful and powerful tools I have discovered and molded my workflow with.    

During our workshop I will use several examples for you to follow along step by step and ask any questions you may have during the process.  I will also be going around as needed to help anyone apply these techniques to their own images, or follow along.

If we have time we may also post process some images from the audience as a group using the techniques taught.  

Whats Included:

A final screen recorded copy of our entire session will be provided to all who attend as well, something available exclusively to those who attend.

RAW images for follow along and comparison will be provided to all those who attend to keep for future reference and practice.

Access to 3 of my already available video tutorials will be made available completely free to all those who attend.

- Traced Core Milky way Composite - Zion national park  

- Milky way Composite Panorama Tutorial 

-  Milky way self portraits, Delicate arch Tutorial 

Methods Covered:

During our post Processing workshop I will cover the advanced methods I use for:

- Blending Images for cleaner foregrounds and more detailed skies.

-Tracking and blending tracked shots into cleaner foregrounds

- Multiple Noise reduction methods that can be applied to clean an image

- Selective Dodging and Burning to create peak contrast in night sky images

- Color control and accentuation for milky way images

- Advanced methods of star reduction and dealing with a high megapixel sensor

- Applying the orton effect and creating the "Milky" glow to images.

- Sharpening and sharpening for web.

Throne of Night
Somewhere Out There

What to Bring:

- A laptop with plenty of RAM and the ability to run Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

- Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 or another version of Photoshop

- Personal RAW images you would like to process should we have time

- Recording device or screen recording app if you would like

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