Throne of Night

Nightscaper Conference May 20-22, 2020

I will be speaking during the official Nightscaper Conference held this coming May in Kanab Utah. 

During my Presentation "Perceiving and Portraying Reality" I will expand on the methods by which photographers attempt to replicate an entire experience within the confined dimensions of an image.  I will focus on the recently popular category of composites and blended images, that give modern photographers the ability to create cleaner, more detailed, and more emotionally oriented images.

Joined by some of the greatest night photographers of all time, this conference will be any Nightscaper's paradise.  With over 20 speakers covering all facets of professional night imaging, there will be an  over abundance of educational opportunities for photographers of all skill levels.

Hosted in one of the most central areas of the entire world to hundreds of internationally recognized  astrophotography locations, we will be completely surrounded by imaging opportunities.  Additionally many of the photographers presenting at this program will be hosting workshops in addition to the conference, opening an expanded number of opportunities to learn and master your night photography skill set. 

Surround yourself with like minded photographers and meet some of the best night photographers alive for the astrophotography event of a century:

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Post Processing Workshop

In addition to speaking at the conference I will be hosting a post processing workshop Thursday night from 7-9:30 pm (May 20th).  I will be covering some of the essential techniques I use to process my own images and how to apply them to single exposures, blends, and composites. 

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