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I currently have several tutorials available that walk you through my post processing start to finish using only Adobe photoshop CC.  All tutorials are delivered as digital video downloads that can be referenced at anytime. 

All of these tutorials are available on my shopify store:


Tracked Milky way Core composite Tutorial

Before - After


Runtime:  2 hours and 10 minutes

Topics Covered:

- Exposing sky and foreground separately

- Separating Sky and Foreground for easy blending and masking

- Noise reduction

- Nebulosity effect and star reduction

- Contrast and color adjustments

- Dodging and Burning

- applying selective vignette

- camera settings used

- sharpening for print

- the orton effect

- sharpening for web

Milky Way Panorama Composite Tutorial

Before - After


Runtime: 2 hours 22 minutes

Topics covered:

- Merging Full milky way panoramas

- Camera settings used to properly capture the milky way

- Capturing Foregrounds separate from skies

- Luminosity Masks

- Selective distortion and panorama blending to fit composition

- Noise reduction

- Milky way processing and color and contrast adjustments

- Blending light pollution into an exposure

- compositing images to look seamless

$45              Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes

Dark Patriarch Processing Tutorial:

Before - After

$45       Runtime:  1 hour 8 minutes 

In this premium Tutorial I will walk you through step by step, the entire processing workflow for this image from RAW to the image depicted.

 Topics covered:

- Blending Exposures

- Luminosity Masks

- Layer Masking

- Noise Reduction 

- Dodging and Burning

- Sharpening

- Selective Distortion

- Using the Orton Effect

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